A Salon and Spa, for Kids!

We are North Alabama’s original Salon & Spa created exclusively for kids! Whether you need a first haircut, a fresh school haircut, recital hair-do, a fun BFF spa day, or a couture celebration, we are the place to find it all. 

Hair & Wax Salon

At SRK guests never receive a simple haircut; they receive a full SPOILED ROCKIN’ experience! Temp hair color, lice preventative fragrance, suckers, balloons, tattoos, and fun are always complimentary!

Spa Services

Get the full experience with a spa package or choose a service a’ la carte.

Ear Piercing

Children’s safety is our top priority at SRK. We use the world’s safest and most sterile ear piercing instruments, and prefer to pierce both ears simultaneously so reservations are required!


Yes! Although we service walk-ins when available the majority of our guests work by appointment and we tend to stay pretty booked up in advance. Not to mention kids hate waiting.

Cutting your child’s hair before their first birthday will NOT cause bad luck. In fact some cultures shave their children’s heads in the hospital because the earlier you cut the hair the thicker and more healthy it usually grows in. Although we are not suggesting you shave your kiddo’s head we do encourage a first haircut sooner rather than later. Reducing the fine, whispy baby hair at the ends will in fact assist your child in having a healthier and thicker hair, not to mention a rockin’ style. So as soon as you are ready come see us.

Movers and groovers are our specialty so no worries! Our relaxed environment keeps you as a parent comfortable; no one here judges. It is very common for children, especially little boys to hate haircuts. Our patient and warm staff will help comfort your child and if you follow our guidelines haircuts will one day become tolerable if not enjoyable. After all, haircuts will be a part of your child’s life forever so we might as well teach them now.

This is simple. We are a premium salon, whom uses premium products, employs premium professionals, and provides an entire experience and not a simple haircut or spa service. We value quality over quantity at every turn. Have you seen what all our haircut packages and spa services include? Glitter tattoos, colored/glitter hairspray, lice preventative hair fragrance, lollipops and balloons just to name a few!

Absolutely! We cut hair and perform facial waxing on adults on a daily basis. What little girl wouldn’t love to have their first eye brow wax with their Mama or little boy wouldn’t love getting a big boy haircut with his Daddy-O? Don’t worry we won’t ask you to sit in a choo choo train for your haircut; adult chairs are available!

To ensure all guests have ample reservation options available to them and to keep our productivity high, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If a guest is a no show and/or cancels their appointment within 24 hours of their appointment time, full payment in advance will be required for all future reservations and is non-refundable in the event of a no-show, cancellation or reschedule.

We do require non-refundable deposits due at the time of a party or large group booking. The deposit amounts vary for each package and service. Just ask our customer service superstars at our front desk for details.

We recommend a minimum of 3-4 weeks in advance to be safe. However, in some cases we can work in closer dates depending on the season and our reservation availability.

All our hair stylist are licensed by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and maintain the minimum state mandated continuing education standards. We are also proud to have kept our hygiene and healthy inspection quality score at a 95 or higher since opening our doors in 2009.

Most our product lines are natural, non toxic, paraban and sulfate free and manufactured, bottled and distributed in the USA. Our children’s lines are naturally tear free and ph balanced for little ones sensitive skin and hair follicles. You can be sure any products we use or sell at SRK have passed rigorous guidelines and testing (not on animals of course). As an extra bonus, our best selling product line, Glop & Glam, is a natural lice preventative too!